Procurement Tender and Purchase Order T&Cs
Status : Closed
Information contained within this procurement notice and/or documents within is intended for the sole purpose for supplier(s) preparing for quotation and/or bids, and shall be used only for this sole intended purpose. Information shall not be reproduced, distributed, adapted, modified, republished, displayed, broadcasted, hyperlinked, framed or transmitted in any manner or by any means without prior permission from Surbana Jurong Pte Ltd and/or its subsidaries, other than the previous stated intended purpose.
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Awarding Entity
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Manual Collection of Documents
This procurement tender is closed. Downloading of the tender document(s) is/are no longer available
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_COC_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_FOT_ FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_ITT_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_SPECS_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_COV_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_EC_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_Amdmt_Annex 2_SPECSa_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_Amdmt_Annex 1_FOTa_ FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_Amdmt_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_Amdmt2_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_Amdmt2_Annex 2_SPECSb_FY2010.pdf
FileName : Ntwk EqtMnt_Amdmt2_Annex 1_FOTb_ FY2010.pdf
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